My Goals

  • Promote local farming and preserve of our agricultural resources. Stand firm in preserving and protecting Amherst’s open space and the green spaces.
  • Pursue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification in new and existing town buildings.
  • Work for thoughtful and responsible spending while providing for the needs of all. I will work to ensure that taxes remain stable and reasonable. 
  • Insure that neighborhoods are protected and enhance the overall character and quality of life by supporting  a budget that is fiscally responsible and does not significantly raise taxes. I will also reject any future building that does not fit the character of the existing neighborhood.
  • Prioritize capital campaign projects. I support the rehabilitation of Fort River School, followed by the Wildwood School. Education is the cornerstone of any community. I believe that we can ensure quality and safe education.  I feel that this can be done by following the current administration’s changes as well as efficient rehabilitation of Fort River and Wildwood. 
  • Speak out about zoning issues. I will stand firm on enforcing zoning that protects existing neighborhoods. I will also reject special permits and waivers that seek to forgo the zoning regulations for providing adequate on site parking and setbacks. 
  • Support my constituents, particularly those who have been traditionally underserved or impeded from the political process. 
Sarah Swartz holding a bin filled with fresh lettuce